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Music moves. We hear a beat and begin to tap our feet in time, our pulse changes and, as the music builds up, the rest of our body joins in. In music therapy we tune in to the intrinsic musicality of our being in order to bring ourselves back into sync with ourselves and our environment.

Music therapy provides a way out of the isolation caused by illness, disability or crises, and overcomes barriers by awakening the creative potential of every person.

In this form of therapy the client takes an active role in creating music with the therapist, allowing even the most disabled to become active and successful. Using improvised music, the therapist builds an environment in which the client can actively communicate and influence the course of events. Music opens the door to our emotions and allows us to approach and heal trauma.

The therapist always seeks to bring out the potential of the client and build on and enhance their expressive skills and ability to relate to others.

Music Therapy